So here we are. Again.

Facing the heart-breaking reality that treatment options within standard of care, in particular for brain cancer, are exceedingly limited.

I’m currently limited to palliative chemo to try and hold back any further growth and been told point blank by NHS doctors, there’s no point in even exploring anything else because they can’t provide it  which could feel unbelievably depressing.

But I’ve been here before.

When I was first diagnosed and statistics said 12-18mths, I heard what they said and then went to speak to other clinicians that had more understanding of what else was being done, pioneering treatment that was not available here but you could get it if you were prepared.

I had treatment here, in Germany, advice from America and something from Israel. We’ll never know which, if any, if all helped but I’m here almost 5 years later.

In those extra 4 years I’ve seen Loli grow from a cute 2 year old to a beautiful, intelligent, hilarious 7 year old. The memories we have made will last our lifetimes.

So I am now looking again at what other options I may have but sadly there are high financial costs. My wonderful friends have therefore put together a gofundme campaign to help with these costs. It has been hard for me to accept this gesture but then I think of what another few years will give my darling Loli and I together.

My girl, who as part of this fundraising effort is herself running a full length (26.2miles) marathon over 7 days with her best friend Juliet. They started this week and have even done 3 x 5k’s before school at 7.30am. They are just 7 years old!!!! They finish this Thursday and I couldn’t be prouder.

So if you have a minute and can donate, it doesn’t have to be big at all especially if we all share it as widely as possible getting many more affordable donations then Loli and I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you.