I can give you some basic facts – I’m 36, half Spanish, half English (although mi mama always says I’m more Spanish), have a young daughter called Lolita (Loli), 2 step children and a husband called Danny. I truly adore my family, especially my superhuman parents but also my extended familia who are based all over the world and who have always been a big influence in encouraging me to travel and explore. I was working as a Development Manager and loved my job. Yes I’m a mum but my independence and identity outside of this was fiercely protected which was part aided by the most fun, adventurous and pretty bonkers groups of friends that have provided me with more hilarious and gorgeous memories than I could ever recount. Dressing up, living life to the full and not being afraid to make a fool of myself has always been a big part of my life, even now and something I am always trying to encourage in our children. I’m not sure how else to describe my chaotic but brilliant life before this all happened although hopefully these photos give a little flavour: