Wow, just wow. The comments, the messages, the posts, the texts, the calls, everything has been out of this world. Truly and utterly blown me away.

I won’t lie and say I thought no one would read it but I never ever thought the response would be so kind, generous and interested. And I cannot understate how much it means to receive this.

In saying that I also would never in a million years want anyone who hasn’t got in contact to think it’s bad. Trust me I fully understand how weird this all is and how hard it is to know what to say if anything at all.

The messages I’ve received from my nearest and closest to people I may have only met once or twice and haven’t seen in years have ALL gone straight to that warm Buttercup aura and filled me with even more love, positivity and glow.

I am just so lucky.

As a funny side note , the most hilarious message I received was a tale from my mother about one of my incredible Spanish cousins. He is very qualified experienced and wonderful doctor (all my Spanish side are) but as with these things translation can get a bit mixed up. So apparently when he heard about the website he thought the English doctors had provided me which an official terminology called a Buttercup Tumour. Not having heard of this he started trying to do some research and looked in all his medical journals. Still not finding it he then emailed all his colleagues at his hospital and beyond asking if they knew more. When everyone drew a blank he started to panic and get frantic thinking I had something so unusual and difficult to was going to be a real problem.

Only when an irish/Spanish doctor finally got in touch and said that Buttercup was the name of a flower and he finally called my mother to find out what was going on did he discover how bonkers I actually am….!

I was literally side-splitting laughing when I found out and I’m so so sorry Victor for putting you through that!! I know you’re trying to see the funny side too but that a little bit of you is annoyed and you’re blaming it on us English! I’m sure your father would have been just as cross with me and I would have been giving a real telling off!