It’s his birthday and with everything going on I’ve been a bit crap at sorting out much apart from taking him to France this weekend. Ok, so rereading that it sounds a bit silly but in terms of today, his actual birthday, I haven’t even given him a card yet or made him a birthday breakfast and he has to spend almost the entire day by my side at 3 different hospitals whilst I have 6 different tests done. Hoping you now you understand what I mean when I say it’s pretty rubbish for him.

So I thought whilst waiting for my 2ndMRI of the day I’d write a little public declaration of how much of a legend this man is.

I’m not sure I know anyone who has been on a night out with us that doesn’t profess to me the next day how much they adore him. I say night out because it’s safe to say he’s totally different during the day. That’s not to say he’s not still amazing but he just opens up a bit more and lets more people through the slightly timid/mild daytime or professional barrier once he’s relaxed and enjoying himself.

For me personally, we’ve had the silliest of times both during the day and night, sober and drunk. We dance every morning with Loli in the kitchen and he sings (really really badly) at the top of his voice because singing is one of the things that gives him the most pleasure in the world… and me the biggest headaches.

Those silly moments, maybe not the singing but all the other stupid things, are what made me fall in love with him and of course his handsome good looks..! I found him ridiculous and still do. But I also found him the most inspirational, intelligent and ambitious. I love the way he sees an opportunity in everything and actually acts upon it which is a rare quality. He’s also the world’s best dad to all 3 of his kids. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for them and they mean more to him than anything in the world.

Before we pass round the sick bucket I’d like to say we fight, seriously wind each other up and have even broken up in the past. But we’ve always gotten through it and what we’re going through now is just the same. In the very famous words of the cultural lyrist Kelly Clarkson (!) What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger. I love you my big Baloo <3