I’ve been semi awake since 3am. Not stressed and my mind has been racing yet again with all that’s happened and will be happening.

Every morning I have an immense sense of what can be achieved. Nothing feels unachievable despite the fact that’s the complete opposite of what I was feeling before all this happened.

I have already written 2 emails sorting various things out, the people getting them at 5am are going to think I’m mad. Oh one minute…

A little bit of it is feeling like I can get away with asking anything. I have been joking with friends that it’s amazing what you get when you pull out the brain tumour card. So maybe I’m very lucky to have this resource now. Jealous much?!

Decisions are also easier, well big decisions rather than the little what shall we eat, do, go etc which I really struggle with. But things like sorting out the house which we have been trying very unsuccessfully to do for the best part of 2 years and suddenly in 72hrs we’ve cleared 3 rooms. It’s like a new sense of clarity, what’s important and what I really don’t give a shit about.

Creatively I’m also being more decisive which was again a real weak point for me. I’ll have visions in my head and I just know that that’s what I want now.

Good on you Buttercup.