I’ve only just realised that I haven’t written since my last post and whilst there have been a few individual thank yous I have largely tried to be really present (pun intended) during this festive period which unfortunately means, as well as the usual general chaos, I haven’t had time to reply to all the truly beautiful messages of support and answer to my last post.

I have read every single one though and they have genuinely made my heart burst with pride at how lucky I am to have such a strong, powerful and inspirational tribe. I really really do feel that lucky again.

Over Christmas I had the best mix of spending time with family and friends and then Danny, Lolita and I have also spent the last week down in Cornwall, just outside St Ives at one of my closest friend’s house for New Year which has boosted my strength immeasurably. 

Just breathing in the sea air, going for walks, floating in hot tubs, bringing in 2019 by chasing each other around a posh restaurant dressed as cops and robbers, dancing round the living room with people you love, dips in the freezing sea waves and even nipple tassels on public beaches has been beyond good for my mind, body and soul. It’s also reminded me, in such a brilliant way that I really don’t need alcohol to have a good time if the company is that brilliant.

So going into 2019, despite the madness before and anxiety of what’s to come, I do generally feel ready for the battle ahead especially as we now know that my chemotherapy starts next week and radiotherapy the week after. 

We’ll learn next week exactly more of what that entails and of course I will update when I can. For now though please know that I’m still ok, still loving and living my life, and still so so grateful for everything and everyone in it. Thank you and once again Bring It On 2019, Bring It On.