This weekend after the trauma of waiting for my results over the last few weeks I got back in contact with my Hoffman Process classmates after having not been in touch with them for a couple of years (no other reason than all our usual busy lives) to tell them what I’m going through and I asked them kindly if they wouldn’t mind setting their alarms for 10am yesterday morning to take 2 minutes to think of how powerful the energy was when we did the course between us all and to reconnect in our minds at that very moment from all across our beautiful planet. 

I completely understand that for most people this might sound a little too hippy but for me personally those few minutes were so powerful I had tears streaming down my face at the bubble of love, light and peacefulness I felt just simply knowing we were all in each other’s thoughts at that one moment in time. It also reminded me of what I found within myself those 3 years ago before any of this happened during the course and how positive the effect of that has been since.

Then this evening after last night hosting one of the 45 minute cocktails in our glorious neighbourhood roaming Christmas cocktail party night, I decided to have a one of our usual night time baths with Loli but this time with tranquil meditative music and the most magical scented candle from the incredible Mama Moon which created such a calm and peaceful environment for us to cuddle and play. 

Once she got out (with the help of Danny!) I stayed in the bath and meditated (strictly with little water to ensure no sleeping!!) and was reminded for the second time this weekend just how much I need peace and meditative light as well as the normality of socialising as described in my last post. It’s a fine balance but over the last few days it seems to be working. 

I also can’t thank the Hoffman Process enough (I know I’ve written about it before) in allowing me to remember who I really am if I allow myself to be me especially at this time.