This isn’t going to be a long post because let’s face it who wants to be on their laptop when you’re on a white sandy beach in Mexico but I realised after a week of being here that I hadn’t actually updated the blog to say I’m ok and I finally made it!

To say it’s beautiful seems pointless as I can let the photos below do that but I will say that once again my perception of this beauty is amplified now to such an intense degree that it’s totally mind-blowing especially every sunrise I naturally wake up to walk along to beach to.

It’s not like I didn’t find these settings stunning before but the only way I can describe it is as if each of my senses are so heightened that they’re singular yet at the same time they’ve come together in a sound, vision and smell firework explosion. 

Tears have slowly fallen down my face every time I’ve meditated, not through sadness but because of how truly grateful I am. In these moments I feel totally and utterly connected with nature and our beautiful planet around me down to each breath riding with the sea waves. 

Of course there are other times when I’ve been brought back with an often harsh thump to other realities in my life especially when I’m still having to sort out so many medical logistical things every day or I’m wiped out after something I would have found so minor before but that’s part of getting used to my new life. I’ve come to realise that this rest is also part of giving me time to process everything again which means sadness as well as recharging and reassessing what’s important to me. 

Similarly I’m starting to really REALLY miss our baby despite how much fun she’s having with her Yaya (mi mama) and the almost daily video calls we have with her where she tells us all the special treats and cuddles she’s getting. I still can’t help counting down the days though and thinking of the adventures we can take her on next time.

Which nicely comes back to gratitude and appreciation as it has also made me realise that despite the bleakness in the world, this next generation still have so many places to explore, cherish and hopefully protect. This is not just our well-trodden world but their new world too and how exciting is that.